Oddbird was founded in 2013 by Moa Gürbüzer, former social worker and family therapist with over 25 years of experience.

Oddbird is a social enterprise driven by our pursuit to change the drinking norms of our society. We hope that through our products we can achieve such change. On a fundamental level our core business, our business interests and society’s interests are all aligned. That is why we are devoting all our energy and resources into developing world class wines - liberated from alcohol. Watch below:

Traditionally crafted wines from Italy and France - Liberated from alcohol.

We select grapes with the utmost care from the finest vineyards in the best regions to ensure our products' unique taste and quality.

All our French wines are made from Chardonnay and/or Pinot noir from Languedoc-Roussillon. Our Italian wine is made from 100% Glera from DOC and DOCG produ- cers in Treviso, Veneto. Our wines are matured for up to 12 months and then gently liberated from alcohol using a unique method that preserves the wines' natural flavors and aromas - just as nature intended. No added substances, artificial colors or aromas.

Product images created in collaboration with artist and creative Nicklas Hultman.

Baroque Ikebana - two apparently contradictory artistic expressions, combined to comment the state of wish we consume the world.

"With the Baroque Ikebana images for Oddbird, I wanted to bring the bottles into my world. The world that always appears on the exact same brick. A frozen moment in time, like the old baroque paintings. All my still-life images have three basic elements; a plant, something you can eat or drink and something man-made. The wine is not part of those three elements, it is a guest in the world. I wanted to highlight the different flavors and hints that you experience while enjoying the beverage. Enjoying a glass of wine can be a treasures moment by your self, or something joyful with friends. I wanted the visu- alize that experience."

Nicklas Hultman



White Pear
Green apple

100% Glera
Matured for up to 12 months
Veneto, Italy

Blanc de Blancs

Granny Smith Apple
Lemon Peel

100% Chardonnay
Matured for up to 12 months
Languedoc-Roussillon, France


Summer Berries
Granny Smith Apple

Chardonnay white wine
Pinot Noir Red wine
Matured for up to 12 months
Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Domaine de la Prade

Slight hint of caramel

Merlot & Shiraz
Organic, eco certified vinyards
Matured for up to 12 months
Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Oddbird is in a close collaboration with award- winning sommelier Daniella Lundh Egenäs.

Daniella is a former sommelier at 3-star Michelin restaurant Frantzén & 1-star Michelin restaurant Agrikultur. She is regularly invited to Swedish tv-shows as a guest sommelier to give her opinions on food & wine pairing. She also is content manager & sommelier for the app Vinos.

Watch Daniella explain the Oddbird product philosophy, give her tasting notes and pairing advice.

Collaboration with award winning chef and author Frida Ronge.

Frida Ronge is currently the culinary director at TAK and UNN focusing on innovative fusion between the Scandinavian and Japanese cuisine. She is also an ambassador for sustainable fishing at MSC.

”Oddbird's wines are the closest I have tasted to sparkling wines with alcohol. It was easier than I thought to pair their wines to food because I recognize all the flavors.”

Chef Frida Ronge

culinary director at TAK and UNN

Scallop paired with Oddbird Blanc de Blancs. This wine is very crispy and pairs exceptionally well with fish and seafood. – Frida

Zucchini noodles paired with Oddbird Spumante. This wine has such power that it enables me to work with hot and spicy, perfect with wasabi and to drink as an aperitif. – Frida.

Seared trout paired with Oddbird Rosé. This sparkling rosé is a full bodied wine therefore it matches great with a creamy sauce – Frida.

The Unwasted Cocktail

Together with IMA cocktailbar and bartender Jens Dahlberg we created a cocktail made with kitchen scraps from the food pairing by Frida.

5 cl Cucumber core water
3 cl Fennel syrup
2 cl Yuzu juice
Top up with Oddbird Spumante
Finish with smoked scallop roe zest alternatively sprinkled umami salt.

Oddbird x Porsche is a collaboration with the goal to disrupt an outdated tradition of alcohol in the automative industry.

There has long been a link between the car industry and alcohol in various ways. Partnerships, events, celebrations of motorsport championships and more. This project was started to break that culture and to challenge the norm of celebrating with alcohol.

As of 2019 there is a special edition bottle of Oddbird included in every Porsche purchase in Stockholm.

"It should be natural that you can drive to a Porsche event and then drive home without compromising taste, quality and experience."

Esse Manesh

Sales Director Porsche Stockholm

During 2020 this collaboration will expand to international markets.


Moa Gürbüzer has been an important media personality in the battle to change the image of wines liberated from alcohol. Over the years she has won numerous awards including EY Entrepreneur of the Year and Settles of the Year personally awarded by the King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf. She also has the podd called ”With or without” discussing the alcohol norms with famous guests.


Oddbird is the largest producer of wines liberated from alcohol in Scandinavia. We have approximately 25% value share in Sweden and around 50% in Norway and Finland. Below are sales figures from Systembolaget in Sweden during 2019.


Sustainability is at the core of Oddbird. Climate change will in the long term negatively affect our vineyards, yield and soil and put immense economic pressure on our winemakers. That is why we have started a new sustainability initiative focusing on short- and long-term solutions. Transforming to bio dynamic wines, tracking and compensating for our carbon footprint, developing smarter logistics and adapting eco friendly packaging is our areas of focus in the years to come.

Click here to download our technical sheet & logistical information.

Contact eg@dynamica.wine for more information.

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